Michelin Tech Inspectors: Review of Devoxx 2024 (Not So Incognito)

Just like Michelin inspectors, we meticulously reviewed Devoxx 2024. Held in Paris from April 17-19, it attracted 4500 daily visitors and 70 exhibitors. The event enriched our tech journey, much like a Michelin-starred experience.

Michelin Tech Inspectors: Review of Devoxx 2024 (Not So Incognito)

Just like Michelin inspectors are known for their meticulous restaurant reviews, we apply the same careful attention to the tech world. At Devoxx 2024, we were inspectors, not very incognito, spotting innovations and key trends. Here is our detailed review.

Event Overview:

Held at the Paris Congress Centre from April 17 to 19, Devoxx 2024 gathered 4500 visitors per day and 70 exhibitors. The event covered 10 main themes, including Architecture, Data & AI, Security, and Java, through various formats such as keynotes, hands-on labs, and deep dive sessions

  1. Resilience:
    • Sessions on OpenTelemetry and effective alerting highlighted strategies for maintaining system reliability in complex environments.
  2. Architecture:
    • The mitosis model and Cloud Native application checklists provided new insights into managing modern architectures.
  3. Developer Experience:
    • Key topics for improving team productivity were discussed, such as maximizing developer freedom while minimizing cognitive load, and the adoption of clean code practices in AI development.

Our Stars:

★★★ Three Stars:

For the most appreciated conferences.

  1. How Does Generative AI Work? LLM, RAG on a Unified Knowledge Flow:
    An unmissable session that captivated the audience by explaining the mechanisms behind generative AI and large language models.

★★ Two Stars:

For particularly notable talks.

  1. Keeping it simple, the key to sustainability
    • A highlight on the importance of simplicity in designing sustainable systems, illustrated with concrete examples and emphasizing the need for a balance between simplicity and functionality.
  2. Michelin(e), 120 Years, Has Moved to IaC
    • An overview of Michelin's digital transformation, highlighting the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

★ One Star:

For remarkable talks.

  1. Quality & Security Gate in Our CI⚡CD Pipelines
    • A focus on integrating quality and security into development pipelines.
  2. My Life on Flash Sale on the Dark Web?!
    • A captivating presentation on the dangers and reality of the dark web.
  3. Renovate/Dependabot: How to Regain Control of Your Dependencies
    • Essential tools for managing dependencies and maintaining project security.

Perspectives :

Developer’s Perspective, Lucas Drago:

As a Technical Specialist for development and deployment technologies, I work in a fast-moving world where we have to be constantly on the lookout for new technical pratices. The Devoxx is the perfect opportunity to condense all this technical watch that is so hard to do in everyday life. What's more, Michelin's enthusiasm for the event makes it the perfect place to meet up, exchange ideas and get to know each other better.

Architect' Perspective, Julien Millau, DE:

As a Distinguished Engineer, I recently attended the Devoxx tech conference and saw some very interesting presentations, including case studies from various companies. The conference featured excellent sessions on visionary topics such as AI and medicine. The discussions on AI were particularly fascinating, showcasing how artificial intelligence is transforming various industries. It was a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and connect with other IT professionals.

Manager’s Perspective: Guillaume Triquet

As IT manager of a cross-functional team for BS/RD, I had the chance to participate in Devoxx France 2024.
As usual it is a very rich event where we were able to see presentations oriented AI, Security, Observability, Kafka and so many others (there are always good ideas and/or discovery of tools applicable to our context of these talks) ... From this event it is important to keep time to go and discuss with the different publishers' stands, to see : how they have approached this or that technical problem.
In short, 3 days of marathon rich in content and I realize that Michelin, with its complete technical stack, is not out of the game.

Team Leader’s Perspective, Frédéric Faure:

lot's of discussion during this devoxx about security tools and process where software engineers are in first line. We think the same since we provide static analysis tools or code quality tools five years ago. But now, with AI or with dynamic contextual analysis , it's a new step for eveyone !
I think software tracability is not enough take into account (some talks but not enough convincing). With or without AI, have the hability to understand what is the software genealogy in our production system will be key for our safety and to help our developers for a better way to develop.
It seems DB providers are all shifting to vector DB for a better integration with LLM. Such a great change in front of us to make this switch.

SRE’s Perspective, Guillaume Serre, DE:

As an SRE, I appreciated that many talks focused on resilience and distributed systems. I was also pleased to see that OpenTelemetry is already accepted as a standard in the observability world. Additionally, I enjoyed the topics around RAG LLM and its use cases.

Communicator's Perspective, Marion Esposto :

As a communicator, Devoxx was a true immersion in the Tech world. This very enriching experience allowed me to exchange with different profiles and discover the latest technological trends. This event also allowed us to have a strong impact on our communication and brand visibility. I can't wait to go back. Devoxx is truly a must-attend event for anyone involved in the world of technology. Thank you to the whole team for this opportunity!

Michelin at Devoxx:

Our presence was marked by a dedicated booth and a well-received presentation. Over 60 Michelin participants actively engaged with the tech community, bringing back valuable ideas and practices to implement in the future


Our experience at Devoxx 2024 was like a culinary journey through a Michelin-starred menu. Each session was a carefully crafted dish, offering unique flavors and insights. As we continue to refine our tech practices, the knowledge gained at Devoxx 2024 will undoubtedly enrich our journey.

Next Steps:

In the future, we plan to attend more hands-on labs and explore new tools and practices not yet implemented at Michelin. We will also be present at other tech events and will be sure to share our feedback as well! Our goal is to continuously elevate our tech expertise, just as the Michelin Guide elevates the culinary world.

Stay Connected:

For those who missed the event, replays and presentations are available on the Devoxx France video channel and Twitter account.

Thank You!
Join us as we continue our journey of discovery and innovation, like Michelin inspectors, in the ever-evolving world of technology. We were there, not very incognito, spotting every key innovation and trend.