Connected tires: lessons learned in moving to reactive systems

Discover how the Michelin IoT data ingestion platform moved from a monolithic application to a reactive event based micro services system

Connected tires: lessons learned in moving to reactive systems

At Michelin, we offer services to optimize truck fleet cost management based on connected tires.

By connected tires we mean a tire that has inside :

  • RFID Tag: allowing to identify in a unique way a tire asset
  • TPMS sensor (Tire and Pressure Monitoring System): exposing the tire pressure and temperature

The tire data is gathered by either a gateway onboarded on the vehicles or by manual devices before being sent to our platform. This platform is in charge of ingesting and processing the measures to build analytics.

To support more than 500 request/sec we had to reconsider our initial monolithic solution. We choose Vert.x to leverage an event-driven microservices architecture improving the overall platform performance and availability.

The video below is a REX we gave with Julien Ponge from RedHat at Devoxx France 2019 on how Vert.x helps us to modernize our data and IoT service stack.

We discussed the approach we took to move from a monolith system to an event-based microservices system.

We also shared the pain points that our team went through by transitioning to asynchronous programming, reactive systems, and more globally modern distributed systems.

Video only available in french.